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Content Scope

The Climate State Wiki covers the broad topic of climate change. Here are the main content categories.

Climate science
Since the climate is such a broad topic, encompassing literally the entire planet, it includes a lot of different sciences - environmental sciences.

Entries should focus on available energy forms, and their greenhouse-gas footprint, availability, production and generation.

Certain places on Earth are hotspots in terms of the climate, when local changes are profound, studies focus on a region. For instance, this includes the West Antarctic Ice-Sheet, permafrost in the northern hemisphere, or world regions plagued by extreme weather events.

Wiki pages about people are part of the history of climate science. Pages about people should include people who made a name by studying the climate. The page content should focus on the work related to the climate, and how it came to be. Wiki entries should not include living person, exceptions include people with a lot of media attention, or followers on social platforms.